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About Our Programs

  • Take Flight Language Program: Take Flight is a multisensory program that addresses phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, spelling (including morphology) and grammar proficiencies.  This program is based on an "Orton-Gillingham" approach to learning language skills.  It is a highly intensive intervention.  
  • Reading/Navigate Readiness: This program is an early childhood multisensory program addressing phonological and phonemic awareness, multi-sensory letter identification, multi-sensory handwriting, and oral language development.  This program is Orton-Gillingham based, intensive and systematic. 
  • Foundations and Structured Language Basics:  Both of these programs are also multisensory structured language programs designed for our tier 2 students whose evaluation shows certain deficits and needs that may not be as deep and as intensive as students who need our Take Flight Program.   This program is Orton-Gillingham based, intensive and systematic. 
  • Really Great Reading:  The Really Great Reading Programs are also multisensory and based on the "Orton-Gillingham" approach to learning language skills.  Each of the two programs (Blast and HD Word) have phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency components.  Both have a spelling component within each unit covering that unit's phonics skill along with previously taught skills.  HD Word has an embedded comprehension check after each connected text passage that gradually raises reading levels. 
  • Grammar and Composition:  This program provides an engaging, explicit, multisensory method for teaching sentence analysis of function and structure, as well as basic sentence and paragraph writing skills. Students' increased ability to use and understand the English language results in higher levels of clarity in student writing and in improved reading comprehension abilities.
  • Crossroads Summer Reading Rescue:  We will offer an individualized skills-focused summer literacy program for readers and writers of all ages and all developmental levels, as well as individualized math programs.  We begin with assessments, and then design a specific program that best fits your child using multi-sensory language techniques and instructional strategies.  
    • Sessions are 60 minutes with a 2 session per week minimum.
    • Tuition is $1,100 which includes initial assessment + Sixteen 60-minute sessions 
    • Therapy schedules are limited, so feel free to contact us early for a literacy assessment and to secure enrollment. 
    • Individual Therapists will have slightly different summer schedules.  However, typical summer sessions run from late May through July or early August depending on the vacation/training schedules of therapists. 

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